The Struggle is Real

Andrew and Gary talk about a topic many avoid. A topic that as animal and wildlife people we may not want to face. Keeping animals in a box for our own pleasure. The line is different for everyone and once we understand this we may move forward with things. As a wildlife photographer(Gary) and a […]

2022 is Almost Here

Well 2022 is almost here and some are wondering what is going on with Fauna Radio. Well plans are deep and if you are interested in hearing what we have planned tune in tonight! I will give you a hint. The 1.1 Pair of Blood Tangerine Leopard Geckos is still on the table when […]

HB6455(Michigan) Let’s Talk

Andrew and Gary go over HB6455 in detail. How this Bill can affect you and the hobby as a whole. What you can do to help and how we can work together to prevent things in the future. 12-11-2020 8PM CENTRAL